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Friday, February 20, 2009

Above is my newly developed watermarked designed specifically for my photo postings.  

My airliner prints - 13"X19" Pro-Quality 8 color process Giclee Prints on Fuji archival stock. Color is high resolution with full color value saturation and depth!
All details are razor sharp down to the panel lines and rivet details.

Reasonable pricing and super-fast shipping via USPS Priority/Tracking - Domestic and International Customers Welcome!

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Special Section: Airline owned Executive Jet

United Airlines Lear Trainer
The 2006 Learjet 60XR maiden flight
The 2006 Learjet 60XR - "Stingray " scheme

Stingray scheme: detail
Modern Air Hansajet
Eastern Airlines Lockheed Jetstar Trainer
TWA Lockheed Jetstar Trainer
Continental Sabreliner Pilot Trainer

Court Line HS.125 Dominie - Halcyon Sun
Grumman Gulfstream G650

G650 stretch concept:
Privatair Grumman G750-XR

Grumman Gulfstream G650

-Regional Jets-
more coming soon!

Long story short, don't take my stuff.

American Airlines Boeing 747sp "the best of everything" campaign.

United 747sp Friend Ship advertising concept 12/30/2009

Another artist, intials N.K. liked this fantasy art so much, he copied it line for line. Thanks for the compliment.
This is why my images have been reduced to postage stamp size.

747sp Friend Ship detail
Boeing SST 733-790 Boeing House Colors Prototype
Northwest Orient Boeing SST 733-790
CP Air B2707-300 detailJAL Boeing SST 2707-100 close-up:
"Faster than a speeding bullet train"
Boeing SST 2707-200 close-up "the eagle has landed"

Boeing SST 2707-300 front-view "The Time Machine"
Pan Am Boeing SST 2707-300 schematic
United Airlines Boeing SST 2707-300 schematic

Delta Airlines Boeing SST 2707-300 schematic

National Airlines Boeing SST 2707-300" Sun King"National Boeing SST - tail detail

Northeast Boeing SST 2707-300" Yellowbird" schematic
Continental Boeing SST 2707-300 schematic
Eastern Boeing SST 2707-300 schematic
TWA Boeing SST 2707-300 schematic
Lufthansa Boeing SST 2707-300 schematic

BOAC Boeing SST 2707-300 schematic

Aeronaves Boeing SST 2707-300 schematicLockheed SST TWA L-2000 schematic
Lockheed SST TWA L-2000 advertising concept
Braniff Flying Colors Lockheed SST L-2000
Eastern Airlines Lockheed SST L-2000
Eastern Airlines Lockheed Electra L-188Eastern Airlines McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-7B Golden Falcon - Red Tail
Eastern Airlines Douglas DC-7B Golden Falcon - Gold Tail
Pan Am Douglas DC-7B Golden Falcon - Clipper NonparielBraniff Jellybean Boeing 707-138B
Braniff Jellybean DC-8-62DC-8-62 Ultras

Braniff Calder DC-8-62 Flying Colors
Braniff Jellybean Lockheed Electra L-188
Braniff Jellybean BAC 1-11American Airlines BAC 1-11 Astrojet
Note: American Airlines crews and ground staff referred to the BAC 1-11 fleet as "Baccalas". The BAC was self contained w/great reliability and for a long while had very profitable load factors. The NYC LaGuardia folks really enjoyed them. Was it a great plane to fly on?? Yep. 3+2 seating, decent seat pitch and a mid-cabin club arrangement. American, Mohawk, Allegheny, and Tarom were my BAC experiences.
American Airlines BAC 1-11 LuxuryLiner fantasy. American called their BAC 1-11's 400 Astrojets...since this is a fantasy; I've used the "Luxuryliner" title as American would have flown first class only sections with this airplane.

In-flight close up

Mohawk Bac 1-11 "Buckskin/"Mastercard" final colors shortly after the Allegheny acquisition. Note their emblem.

Courtline BAC 1-11-500 "Halcyon" Fleet
Courtline fantasy "Halcyon" Lockheed L-1011-385
Note: Coming soon: Formatted for print.
Courtline Turquoise - recently slightly reworked.Lockheed L-1011-385 and L-1011-500
Note: Coming soon: Formatted for print.

TWA McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14 Starstream

Lufthansa Starliner 1649A Up-close
TWA Lockheed 1649AStarliner

TWA "Turbo-Stream" Turboprop 1649
Lufthansa Lockheed Starliner Variations
Lufthansa 1649 Turbo-Star Fantasy
Air France Lockheed Starliner 1649-A Spantax Convair 990-A EC-BZO Spantax Convair 990-A EC-BZO - detail
United Airlines Convair 990-A ConceptTrident -3BUnited Airlines Sud Aviation Caravelle 6RScandanavian Airlines Sud Aviation Caravelle IIIR
Nauticair 450 Mk.4 - 2009
Nauticair / Skyshark Mk.1 - 1971
Allegheny Convair 580
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-15 Air Cal "Bandit"
Illyushin IL-62M TAAG African AirlinesIllyushin IL-62M "Classic" Tarom
American Airlines Boeing Sonic Cruise Super Stretch Fantasy
Just for old JAS MD-90. This is ungoing a total rework. Look for it soon. Sketch was done in be kind!

Below is a recent photoshop piece celebrating the Convair 990

Seaboard World DC-8 "Fanjet"

A one-off experiment: The A380-1000 Palais